We Provide

Enterprise Level OpenStack

EasyStack provides enterprise level cloud ESCloud and elastic

dedicated hybrid cloud--ESCaaS, break boundary of public cloud and private cloud.

With EasyStack,you can build easily,use flexibly,hybrid deploy your

application,converging store your data,and operate platform automatically

OpenStack Cloud Solution

EasyStack provides enterprise level cloud,industry cloud,hybrid cloud and CaaS

(Cloud as a Service),multi-dimensional solution,fit enterprise’s requirement,change

traditional IaaS infrastructure,support business innovation and accelerate development

OpenStack Service

EasyStack has experienced enterprise level OpenStack engineering team,providing consulting,planning,delivering,operation,maintenance and training,and a serious of OpenStack services.

Why EasyStack?

EasyStack is a leading OpenStack platform and service provider, Top OpenStack code contributor in Asia; No.1 large-scale enterprise customers references in China;The earliest OpenStack development team in China.As an OpenStack innovation leader,1st to release OpenStack hybrid cloud in Asia-Pacific , 1st to release OpenStack cloud as a service(CaaS) in the world.
100% compatible with OpenStack API,online upgrade service available, support multiple virtualization technology and commercial storage. EasyStack has committed and practise a fully open OpenStack strategy, helps enterprise build cloud platform with no worry.
We understand enterprise market since the core team member came from IBM, Oracle,HP,EMC,Intel and other large enterprises;build mature product,support transactional enterprise-class database applications.EasyStack is deploying enterprise level product to finance,telecommunications,government,power,education, and other industries in more than 80 large customers. 

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Thousand-level Deployment

Leading speed of deployment,modular build OpenStack components, graphical operation,hourly get OpenStack platform

Enterprise-level Workload

Support Oracle RAC transaction database Superior disk performance to support high scalability requirement of big data service.

Upgrade Service Assurance

100% compatible with OpenStack community,customized OpenStack upgrade,rich enterprise-class front-line practice.

Dedicated Cloud In Seconds

Unified dashboard to get private,hosted,public and hybrid cloud, totally based on OpenStack,build your cloud platform like SaaS

Elastic Dedicated Cloud

Isolated Compute,Storage,Network resource,multi-level hybrid hosted,public cloud,get elastic cloud resource secondly

Professional Operation

Professional team guarantee your OpenStack operation and maintenance,enables you focus more on your business and innovation

  • 1

    1st OpenStack Hybrid Cloud platform in Asia,1st OpenStack CaaS Cloud in the World

  • 2

    OpenStack Interoperability Authentication/ Hybrid Cloud Authentication

  • 4+

    Years of OpenStack development and community contribution

  • 80+

    Enterprise practice

  • 5000+

    Enterprise-level Servers Running EasyStack cloud


  • EasyStack co-founder and CEO Xilun Chen: industry practice of OpenStack industry

    EasyStack CEO Xilun Chen said, based on the difference between traditional applications and cloud applications, traditional applications need FT, VM level high availability, other features, cloud computing applications are different, when a virtual machine has problem, a new virtual machine will replace it.

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  • EasyStack helps Tsinghua University build largest research cloud platform of China

    Recently,Tsinghua University Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) build the largest OpenStack research cloud platform of China, single cluster scale up to 6000 cores, 16TB memory, 540TB storage, university  exploration of new subject areas for fruitful.

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